Sumatra Gayo

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Tasting notes: Dark Spice Chocolate, Toasted Brown Sugar and Caramel

Brew Tip: Brew at 17:1 vs 16:1 if you want a bit more acidity.

If you tend towards dark roasts, love coffee with a heavy body and very little acidity, this is your choice!  We do not roast dark coffee, but this one gives you that robust coffee taste that many people crave with the added benefit of amazing flavor and complexity.  Our Sumatra Gayo will alway be on our menu, so feel free to make Sumatra your new obsession!  If you’ve never tried really good Sumatra meticulously roasted to perfection, you're missing out!

Sumatra coffees are famous for their peculiar flavor profile, low acidity, thick body, and rustic flavors that can often be described as earthy.  If you are a beer nerd, Sumatra is the farmhouse saison of coffee.  Much of this earthy flavor comes from the way Sumatras are processed (wet-hull) which is unique to the region.  Really good Sumatra is always hard to find because of the instability of the area, but when you find it you are rewarded with an outstanding coffee.  It has taken us a while to find a consistent, year around supply of outstanding Sumatra, but I’m excited to say that we now have it and are excited to offer it to the Tod’s Coffee Crew!

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Fine Grind: Espresso, Moka Pot

Drip (Medium Grind): All coffee machines including Keurig, All Pourovers and Aeropress

Coarse: French Press, Cold Brew

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Brian M. Heiser
Love this coffee!!!

No matter what I order my family loves it!

Dale K Hubbard
Bold taste

We liked the Sumatra Gayo really well. It has a bold taste but still is a nice smooth evening coffee.

Martin German
Sumatra Gayo coffee

Todd I gave the Sumatra to a friend, as soon as she gets back to me, I'll let you know