Congo Kivu Gorilla Blend (Organic)

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Tasting Notes: Cane Sugar, Green Tea, Lemongrass, Jasmine

Process: Washed

Tasting Notes: 

A multi-layered, floral-toned cup with leading notes of bergamot and jasmine, supported by rich cocoa nib throughout. This coffee has confident, balanced acidity and a viscous, full mouthfeel. The finish is particularly luxurious, fulfilling the promise of its rich aromas and flavors.  Long story short: We're loving this coffee!

About DR Congo

The farming community in North Kivu (at the borders of Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda) has become accustomed to adversity. Armed incursion, corruption and disease are part of everyday life, but in coffee they see hope. Coffee is one of the only cash crops these producers grow. It puts money on the table, brings stability to the community and enables farmers to plan.  

The farming community also borders the Virunga National Park. Cocoa and palm oil are also grown in the lower zones.  The conditions here are ideal for growing coffee: deep, fertile, volcanic soil, high altitude and adequate rainfall.


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Fine Grind: Espresso, Moka Pot

Drip (Medium Grind): All coffee machines including Keurig, All Pourovers and Aeropress

Coarse: French Press, Cold Brew

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Customer Reviews

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Craig D.
Always great beans.

I've gotten several bags of beans from Tod's and they are always perfect. Burundi is some of my favorite, so I was happy to see Tod got some of these beans to roast.

Shane Rowden

Unbelievably delicious! Tod’s NEVER disappoints!

James Johnson

I prefer African coffees and this Burundi is very good. My terminology may be strange, but the best part of this variety is that it still has a nice bite without being strongly acidic. Spicy brown sugar notes fit pretty well as in the description.

Michael Zumwalt
Wow. So Good.

It has a touch of lime. Makes for an interesting cup. Was very drinkable and we savored every cup and bean.

Teal Carlock
You’d have to...

...go to Kenya to get fresher Kenyan coffee. Tasty. Try it. You won’t regret it.