Burundi Kazoza N'Ikawa

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Tasting Notes: Spice, Brown Sugar, Sweet Lime 

Process: Washed

What a lovely smelling coffee Kazoza N'Ikawa is! It has a sugar browning sweetness along with a mix of spice and citrus accent notes. The wetted grounds are so caramely sweet with a hint of cinnamon tea. A compromise is often made when light roasting, trading out developed sweetness for acidity and complexity. But this isn't the case with Kazoza N'Ikawa, and the cooling cup has a sweetness like sugarcane juice...that, along with hints of raisin and allspice that resonate in the aroma and aftertaste. Acidity pops too, with fruit juicy-like sweetness akin to sweet limes (if you haven't had them, they produce all the lime flavor without a puckering level of tartness!).  Kazoza N'Ikawa is so sweet and complex that those patient enough to let it cool will be duly rewarded.

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Craig DiGiamarino
Always great beans.

I've gotten several bags of beans from Tod's and they are always perfect. Burundi is some of my favorite, so I was happy to see Tod got some of these beans to roast.

Shane Rowden

Unbelievably delicious! Tod’s NEVER disappoints!

James Johnson

I prefer African coffees and this Burundi is very good. My terminology may be strange, but the best part of this variety is that it still has a nice bite without being strongly acidic. Spicy brown sugar notes fit pretty well as in the description.

Michael Zumwalt
Wow. So Good.

It has a touch of lime. Makes for an interesting cup. Was very drinkable and we savored every cup and bean.

Teal Carlock
You’d have to...

...go to Kenya to get fresher Kenyan coffee. Tasty. Try it. You won’t regret it.