Mid-South Blend

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Tasting Notes: Blueberry, Strawberry, Milk Chocolate, Floral

Current Blend:

50% Ethiopian Aricha Natural

50% Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Top-Lot Washed

This is a light roast with a lot of flavors, and just like it's name sake (The Mid-South Region) you can experience the best of both worlds with the Mid-South Blend!   The Ethiopian Natural gives you that burst of blueberry and the Ethiopian Washed pulls it all together and adds a complex slate of florals and chocolate to the mix...truly the best of both worlds.  We are NOT using low end coffee here!  Both of these coffees make a great Single Origin in their own right, but the flavor profile together is just amazing!  Enjoy :)

This version is an offering we will have during the Ethiopian Season (Now-Feb/March).  Beginning in March the blend will change somewhat to maintain the flavor profile while using coffee that is in season. The coffee may change a bit, but this amazing flavor profile will remain all year long.

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Fine Grind: Espresso, Moka Pot

Drip (Medium Grind): All coffee machines including Keurig, All Pourovers and Aeropress

Coarse: French Press, Cold Brew

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M D Miller

Mid-South Blend

Danielle Waldo
We love Tod’s coffee

The coffee is very tasty, freshly roasted. Tod has great customer service and can recommend a great coffee for you!

Arron Kuns

Just a great coffee.


Love it. This is the second time I’m being asked to leave a review on the same product.

Jim Farrington
So good!

I’m really enjoying this blend, it’s wonderful on the palate and a wonderful morning uplifted.