Papua New Guinea Kindeng Estates Washed Peaberry

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Tasting Notes: Honeysuckle, Caramel, Graham Cracker

These beans just hit the states and I was able to get my hands on just 50 lbs of this stunning little Indonesian peaberry bean (peaberry is exactly what you would think...scarce, small beans that pack a ton of flavors).  Peaberries are very labor intensive because workers must sort though the beans to separate out these small bundles of flavor. These beans are a Third-Waver's dream...lightly roasted and sweet.    Grab some while you can, because when they're gone, they're gone.

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Absolutely love it

Smooth, bold, waking up to drink it

Excellent Quality!

The "Papua New Guinea Peaberry" beans are very delicious and lightly roasted perfectly. I'm not a fan of over-roasted (dark) style coffees because all I can taste is the roast. Tod's coffee beans are flavorful and properly roasted to preserve the natural taste of the beans and light roasting also preserves the caffeine, which I enjoy to get my projects done each day. I highly recommend Tod's Coffee and you'll get the freshest beans delivered to your door and also great customer service. Thank you Tod!

Excellent Coffee

I am not a coffee expert, but I have bought several different types of beans from Tod and they have all been great. The shipping is quick and the service has been top notch.

Papua New Guinea Kindeng Estates Washed Peaberry

This is very good, tasting notes were accurate. It is more delicately flavored and less woody than coffees I have had from this part of the world previously. Still enjoying the last of it!

Dang kid!

This coffee is so good. So fresh and flavorful. Well done Tod!